Hold the Dates!

13 July 2011 at 1:45 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment

Summer has gone, er, I mean is here at last (?) so it is party time and over the next 6 weeks, the Branch is arranging a series of social events which, it is fair to say, may suffer if the weather is lousy.

First up, but at rather short notice owing to inefficiency on the part of the hopeless Branch Secretary, is the long awaited resumption of the traditional Branch Barbeque kindly hosted by Marion Poole. This will be on Sunday 24 July and is open to all with no charge. The Branch pays for the good part (the meat) but you may be asked to bring some of that other stuff; salad or something I think it is called. So we can cater properly, if you’d like to come along then please get in touch.

Next, we will be having a wild time on Saturday 6 August thanks to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. They will be perfoming a Disco Symphonic Spectacular at Meyrick Park so bring a picnic and come strut your stuff! Tickets are normally £24 when bought in advance but will be only £20 for Branch Members. Michelle Whiting is the organiser for this so please contact her directly if you wish to come along.

Finally, following the success of the Drink the Vine Party last year, there will be another one, this year just called the Vine Party (geddit?) on Saturday 20 August. With stunning originality, the format will be exactly the same. We will have a fun wine tasting competition and eats lots of cheese which is all you need to bring along (other than a preferred tipple if you are not keen on wine). There is no charge and if you’d like to join us, then get in touch.

[Note, ‘get in touch’ means either email Nick directly or post a comment which will be picked up. For other contact details please see the Committee page.]

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